Finger Pulse Oximeter


Oxi–Q is a Finger Type Pulse Oximeter which can check patient’s heart rate
and blood-oxygen saturation levels simply and quickly. The values are displayed
on a bright LED screen. The Oxi–Q finger type pulse oximeter provides reliable
SpO2 and pulse rate measurement and can be worn around the neck. It’s convenient
for spot check readings. The Large LED display allows usage in a wide range
of light and dark environments. It’s great diagnostic tool for physicians
and nurses to go for inspection around sickrooms of hospitals. It’s also a convenient equipment for home care users.

Large Digital LEDs display
Selectable Two directions display
Low battery capacity indication
Automatic power off after removing finger in 8 secs
Lightweight (55g with batteries)
Two AAA batteries for easy replacement
Can be worn around the neck for quick spot checking

Interference Resistance Capacity against Ambient Light. The deviation of Oxyhemoglobin values measured in different light is smaller than ±1%, making it suitable to operate in dark rooms.


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